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Highly recognised as conservation scientists with international expertise and leadership in fundamental research of Australia’s flora, fauna, terrestrial ecosystems and management. Our scientists have considerable experience in state and commonwealth environmental biodiversity conservation legislation, threatened species and ecological community protection, environmental planning and, importantly, on-ground management. We understand the needs of land managers and continue to work alongside their on-ground teams.

A view to the future

A rapidly changing environment means clear information and logical decision-making are essential. We see the need for ecologists who are equipped with the latest tools to make decisive, evidence-based management decisions that secure our future environment. 


We aim to achieve positive environmental outcomes, based on evidence and ecologically sustainable practices. Our mission is to inform the future generation of decision-makers, practitioners, and on-ground managers with a focus on the quality and integrity of our work.

What we offer

We have high-level skills, knowledge, and experience in research, consultancy and policy.  We offer our services to clients from local shire to State, Federal governments and industry with strong skills in:

  • Monitoring, Evaluation, Reporting and auditing of biodiversity management effectiveness
  • Ecological surveys, particularly threatened mammals
  • Utilising time-series satellite remote sensing to aid decision makers
  • Biodiversity management in planned fire and bushfire response
  • National and state threatened species management

Management of Australia’s biodiversity

Our experience with planned and bushfire management, water resource management, climate change adaptation and the conservation of Australia’s threatened species spans decades.

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Monitoring and Evaluation

We have developed, implemented and evaluated environmental management programs from species to landscapes.

Remote sensing for evaluating management effectiveness

We employ remote sensing data archives to assist in detecting environmental change.

Threatened species management

Some of our time-series data sets for populations of threatened species run for 40-years.

Policy advice and management planning

Broad experience as membership and chair of advisory boards and committees working with representatives of mining companies, conservation, farming groups and unions to communicate advice in areas of policy, legislation and research.

Our Scientific Leadership

Barbara Wilson, Ecologist (PhD, MSc, DipEd)

Barbara is an Internationally recognised conservation scientist with 40-years experience and leadership in fundamental research and management of Australia’s flora, fauna, terrestrial ecosystems. She has led the development of policy, land management and conservation programs in state and commonwealth jurisdictions.

Mark Garkaklis, Ecologist (PhD, Bsc Hons)

Mark has more than 30-years experience in research, conservation and management of threatened species and their habitats and Environmental Impact Assessment.  His Award-winning work on digging mammals in forest and woodlands in Western Australia was the first to identify the link between our native fauna and the condition of Australian forest and woodland soils.

About Us

Our recent projects

Management of Nationally Listed Threats to Australia’s Biodiversity – Phytophthora Dieback.

Phytophthora dieback and Management in the eastern Otways, Great Otway National Park. Outcomes were management plans outlining interventions using Nationally recommended protocols (Parks Victoria 2018-19; DELWP 2021).

Threatening Process Policy Framework and Implementation

Review of Western Australian State Phytophthora Dieback Management & Investment Framework. Outcome were several key recommendations allowing revision of framework implementation (South Coast NRM Inc.).

Threatened species research and management

Maintenance of Critical populations. Our standout capability is long-term monitoring of threatened species and habitats, such as the New Holland mouse and the Swamp antechinus (Parks Victoria).

Landscape-scale fire and threat management

Use of Satellite data to map severity of invasive coast wattle and pine wildling across 2500 square kilometres of Far South West Victoria (DELWP 2018-2021).

Who we work with

Our clients include state and commonwealth governments, Catchment Management and Natural Resource Management Authorities, International sustainability and certification authorities and plantation forestry.

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Forest Fire Management Victoria

Corangamite Catchment Management Authority

Southcoast NRM

Parks Victoria

Soil Association (UK)